Reading Rescue of Naples

Reading Rescue of Naples

Reading Rescue of Naples

Reading Rescue of NaplesReading Rescue of Naples

  We are all DIFFERENT but there is something 

kind of FANTASTIC about that, Isn't there ?

--Fantastic Mr. Fox

success is attainable


Personalized, Private Reading Instruction for Struggling Young Readers!

Orton-Gillingham and Reading Recovery, plus multi-sensory methods combine to bring FAST success, even when other methods have failed. Reading Rescue was designed by Diana Myers-Finch, M.Ed., a master's level private practitioner with advanced degrees, certifications, and personal experience, to make a real difference. We specialize in helping children with reading difficulties resulting from dyslexia, ADHD  (attention deficit hyperactivity disorder), ESL (English as a second language) and other learning challenges. We thoroughly assess every detail of the learner's academic competencies, literacy behaviors, attitudes, emotional affects (if displayed), physical abilities, and academic remediation needs (as compared to developmentally appropriate expectations). Based upon our assessment, we devise a customized instructional methodology to meet the needs of the individual learner.